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gwyneth said...

WOW...i did a search to see who had gwyneth.blogspot..of course i knew it would be taken...and am i happy that if someone had to have it...it was you. you're cool. [grins] super techie cool! and i'm proud to share your name. i've been on the interweb since the time of Mudds, gopher and compuserve but as a coupla pseudonyms...now that i'm thinking of coming transparent i find you..got there the FIRST! i'm just so glad you're not a Paltrow fan site..aren't we tired of *HER?* i'll trundle off and think of another blogger name...cheers!

gwyneth said...

ps. i'm so totally gonna snag this blog post and mirror it (dedicated to you!) on whatever blog i finally set up! hope that's ok!

gwyneth said...

Hey thanks! And you're right I'm tired of *HER* too!
Great to know there are other techie Gwyneths around!

Cheers Gwyneth!
(Corny last lines but I just had ta do it!)

gwyneth a. jones said...

indeed...we had it first, i would say! (i'm ancient and over 40!) and though corny there is an illicit thrill to be able to write that isn't there, Gwyneth? we should start a FB fan site! LOL btw, i sometimes have gone by Gwynedd, too! same thing...are you Welsh?

gwyneth said...

Welsh? far from it! I'm from Mumbai, India!! I live in Canada now.
My dad love's reading and named me Gwyneth and my brother Gareth.

Most people in India butchered my name and most people in Canada want to call me 'Gwen'! I hate it when people shorten my name. I have an awesome name -use it!