Ndara iSMS Backup for iPhone

I spent an afternoon searching for a free software to backup my SMSs from my iPhone 3G and save them on my PC. There were 2 software apps that I found. One was for a Mac only and the other costs money and saves the SMSs in a propriety format. Its been a while since I've taken up a project but making a SMS backup utility sounded like fun!. Introducting Ndara iSMS Backup. It is currently in beta. Ndara is free and open source. It is developed in Java to try and make it work across OSs like Linux and Mac. I've only tested it on Windows (XP and Vista) for now. But I'm feeling confident that it will work on Linux. Ndara allows you to backup all your SMSs or choose a single contact to backup. Backup formats available are: simple text file (.txt), styled xml or the original SQLite DB (sms.db). The XML format is styled using an XSLT that makes the SMSs look pretty; similar to what they look like on the iPhone (see screenshot below). No more propriety formats. This XML backup is nice and portable. Currently Ndara works only on the iPhone 3G. The iPhone 2G stores the sms.db in a different location. It's not too hard to make Ndara compatible with 2G. This feature is slotted for the next release. Visit Ndara iSMS Backup here: http://code.google.com/p/ndara/ Feedback welcome.. And here are some Screenshots:
The Application
The Styled XML Backup Option
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