...and you thought same-sex marriages was outrageous!!

Christel Demichel - a widow on her wedding day If you think allowing Gay and Lesbian marriages is outrageous.. well think again. After all marriage is all about love it doesn't matter if its another man or woman, dead or alive.. YES.. DEAD or alive... Take a vist to the land of love and romance.. France...
The law says that the French president can authorise a marriage when one of the future spouses has died after the start of official formalities which confirm that he/she would have consented. There must be serious grounds for the marriage, which would then be "backdated" to the day before the death. The marriage brings no rights of inheritance, or financial benefit to the surviving spouse. See: Code Civil Article 171
---Taken from Marrying the Dead in France: A Google answer by leli-ga LOL... I absolutely treasure the internet.. it should be one of the wonders of the world!! was it not for this ever expanding i would never be exposed to the world and would never have realised how complex we and our societies are!