iSync ur iPod w/ myCode 4 vCards :)

Want to transfer all your contacts from Outlook to your iPod but can't? Let VBA help! Apple has iSync and iCal to transfer Contacts and Calender Events to the iPod.. the catch is that iSync and iCal work only on a Mac.. not Windows! so if you were planning to use all those neat features of the iPod.. well you have some work to do.... After some research.... the very tedious method is.. choose the contact you want to transfer and click File > Save As. Change the file type to vCard and save it to your iPod Contacts folder. Problem is if you have 100+ contacts.. you have to do each individually!! The geeky method is VBA!! am still woking on it but here's the beta code that saves the contacts to a vCard in a folder on the HDD. Ill tweak it to save to the iPod directly.. 'Option Explicit Sub ExportTo_vCard() Dim fdrContacts As Outlook.MAPIFolder Dim objContactItem As Outlook.ContactItem Dim strName As String 'Create an instance of the Contacts folder. Set fdrContacts = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts) 'Loop through all contact items and create a vCarf in the myContactsVCard folder For Each objContactItem In fdrContacts.Items If Not TypeName(objContactItem) = "Nothing" Then If Not objContactItem.FullName = "" Then strName = "C:\myContactsVCard\" & objContactItem.FullName & " " & objContactItem.LastName & ".vcf" objContactItem.SaveAs strName, olVCard End If End If Next MsgBox "All Contacts Exported!" End Sub Updates to come! Still working on this..