Playing DivX Vizions

So I've installed Suse.. and its lunchtime so i want to watch my divX Xena eps.. and ack! linux wont play divX!!! I could only hear the sound.. no video.

Heres what I installed. Dunno if i installed some unnecessary stuff or if installed it the right way.. but by the end of 2 hrs of struggle I was watching Xena, Season 4 eps nice et clear!

libmp3lame0 : Version: 3.93.1-1mdk
mplayer : Version: 1.0pre6-1
libtheora : Version:
speex: Version:
w32codecs : Version: 0.90-2 (Dont think this is necessary)
w32codec : Version: 0.90-alt1 (Dont think this is necessary)
w32codec : Version: 0.52-1
libxine1 : Version: 1.0cvs-050101

Voila.. DivX files play...

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