Atlas of Cyberspace

While searching for the world atlas I stumbled across an interesting find.. The Atlas of Cyberspace Ever wondered how the contries were physically connected to the internet? Well check out the Internet Map and the Submarine Cable Map from TeleGeographic Research How Does It Work? How do they lay these cables?? Alcatel has some flash animation on this. From shore to shore, watch the laying of a submarine cable and how the cable vessels operate when a cable is broken deep down in the sea. Interesting stuff.. If anyone is feeling generous.. I would love to own the Global Communications Submarine Cable Map 2004 which gives the most current, accurate, and detailed picture of the world's submarine cable systems. It costs just 85$ USD... :( ...wishes... More Maps - Neat Interactive Map Another interesting find was Traceroute utilities that try to map the geographical locations of routers. A utility called traceroute probes the paths that data packets take through the Internet, recording all the "hops" (routers) along the way. Also check out SaVi: Satellite Visualization software..