Configuring KMLDonkey and mlnet

I struggled with this for quite a while, not really knowing what to do.. finally figured it out..

SUSE 10.0 came installed with KMLDonkey.. But for it to work the mlnet core is required so i downloaded the latest version from:
Followed the installation instructions from MLdonkey World
But after running ./mlnet it spewed this

wraith@Sorceress:~/mldonkey-2.7.0> ./mlnet
2005/11/19 20:35:41 Starting MLDonkey 2.7.0 ...
2005/11/19 20:35:41 Language EN, locale UTF-8
2005/11/19 20:35:41 MLDonkey is working in /home/wraith/.mldonkey
2005/11/19 20:35:41 [DNS] Resolving [Sorceress] ...
2005/11/19 20:35:41 [DNS] Resolving [] ...
2005/11/19 20:35:42 Logging in /home/wraith/.mldonkey/mlnet.log

it would shutdown.. I was quite lost till i read the bit that said Logging in /home/wraith/.mldonkey/mlnet.log and checked the log file mentioned and found

2005/11/19 20:35:42 enabling networks: Exception: bind failed: Address already in use at port 4662
This is normally caused by another application currently using this port.
Close that application and restart MLDonkey, exiting...

so now I had to figure out what was blocking or running on port 4462.. Googled it and seems eMule runs on the same port and eMule was running everytime I tried to start the mlnet core.. So i changed the settings in eMule to use a different port and restarted eMule.

Tried the code again and it started fine. I ran KMLDonkey and changed the settings to point to the mlnet file for the core and it connected to the servers fine..