Perfecting the Samba!!

Once again... reinstalled... put Suse 10.0 and learnt more abt configuring my box..
In my previous post abt samba I was unsure abt how I got Samba to start..

... So I guess the key is to coax the smbd, nmbd & winbindd services to run after making all the required changes.
-from Samba... Lets Dance!!!

Well.. it should have been obvious but being a newbie it didnt strike me...
When installed, Samba isnt initialized by default.. So basically Samba isnt started when the machine boots.. it needs to be manually started..
The way to get it to startup at boot is to go to the Samba Server tool in YaST and choose the 'start-at-boot' option.
To start SWAT change the line in the file 'swat' located in /etc/xinetd.d/ to
disable = no from the default 'yes'.

And thats it.. Initilize Samba and SWAT.. Configure the (/etc/samba/) smb.conf file... Create a user smbpasswd -a username and you're good to go!


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