Vnc2Swf: Record your vnc sessions

After my prof. insisted that we use Microsoft Producer to record a video of the screen while we were coding his assignment I had to scour the net for its Linux equivalent.

Vnc2Swf basically records your vnc session. It requires a vnc server et viewer to be installed. The video is saved as a swf file.

Quick Info:
If you wish to create a movie of your complete desktop you can run it as follows:
x11vnc -localhost -viewonly &

If you'd rather share a single window run:
x11vnc -localhost -viewonly -id pick &

This will allow you to click upon the window you wish to share with your mouse - after you have done so your selected window will be shared and made available.

Now that you have a running VNC server upon your local host you can create the movie. To do so execute:
vnc2swf -nowindow -o myoutput.swf localhost

-Taken from: Debian Administration :: Creating training movies with Vnc2Swf

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J* said...

word, thanks for the article! i was picking thru vnc servers in synaptic and decided to google up 'linux record vnc' and found this perfect two minute solution for exactly what i was about to try to figure out for an hour. ;)

gwyneth said...

Gee! Thanks! Glad this was useful.

Anonymous said...

Worked great. Very helpful, thanks!