Digital Needle - A Virtual Gramophone

Absofrickinglutely Amazing!! Digital Needle - A Virtual Gramophone Thanks to Pallavi who sent me a link to 20 Things you can do with your computer. Going through that I found a link in there about ripping LPs!! Man.. what an idea!! Just for Laughs: Rip an LP With Your Scanner This one may be a little nutty, but you have to admit nobody knew PCs could do it. In fact, I'm still not sure they can. This clever but crazy hack runs a virtual needle around a scanned image of an LP to create a .wav file of the recorded music. You won't want to rip your old LPs this way, though. Programmer Ofer Springer's demonstration file, a reconstructed recording of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons," sounds like it's being played at your neighbor's house--across the street. Still, it's good enough that you can recognize bits of the melody. See Digital Needle - A Virtual Gramophone for more, or download and compile the Digital Needle source code, fire up your scanner, and try it yourself.