Stream Your Music Collection over the Web Hack

Amazing what a simple search can lead to!! Out of the blue popped....
Stream Your Music Collection over the Web Hack

Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
You will need:
The SlimServer: The server.

SoftSqueeze: A Java client.

There are a couple of ways to stream the music to your PC with SlimServer - you can either use SoftSqueeze (the installation of which is nicely documented inside the interface), running either as a standalone Java application, or as a Java Applet (by going to http://your_host_name:9000/html/softsqueeze/applet.html ).

You can use winamp as a client to stream music on if you'd like... Use the URL: http://your_host_name:9000/stream.mp3 If you are using the SlimServer's password security, you'll need to use a slightly modified URL like this: http://username:password@your_host_name:9000/stream.mp3


--- Still figuring out the startup script for suse 10.0