Merry Christmas to me!!!

It's coming!!!!!! Should be here by monday.. same time as my finals.. :(

Sheesh.. what bad timing.. but the deal was too good to pass up... got my tax returns, so.... Time to upgrade the dead pc!!! Enter 64bit AMD Athlon 2GHz with 1GB ram!! purrrrrr.....

Along with other goodies.. ordered a 2port KVM coz i lurrrrve my current dual monitor setup, espicially since I can rotate my LCD for a neat coder's delight portrait view of the screen.. more code to see!!!

Muhahhahahah... 2 computers.... *rubs hands in delight*

Plans are to install Windows on rT's box and pump SuSE 64 on the new machine.. As independant as I want to be from windows.. companies like Nokia and RIM make it so hard. What with their development SW being MS only.. bah! and there aint now frigging way im dual booting my new baby.. I love watching the Uptime counter increase.. am at 22days now.. am too scared to push this machine.. one burnt out cpu is scary enuff!! more cooling this time!!!

Portion of the Tiger Direct order.....
- Mach Speed Viper K8M8MS Socket 754 Motherboard
- AMD Athlon 64 3000+ NewCastle Core Socket 754 CPU
- Ultra 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz
- Zonet 2 Port KVM Switch- 2 Sets of Cbls Incld/Auto

Hope the KVM plays nice with linux...

Am eXciTEeD!!!!!!!!!!!!!