Playing DVDs on 64 bit Suse

Reinstalled yet again after upgrade to ou Suse 10.0 x64bit.. Although i expected things to be the same they arent...
One hurdle was the libdvdcss..
There arent any 64 bit versions left i think. everyone seems to be stopping hosting libdvdcss..

The Jem Report - Hacking OpenSUSE: Heres how you can compile and install it. Didnt work for me though. got an error
warning: user sam does not exist - using root

Heres what i did instead..
Googled for Found it on


The above actually didnt work... When I tried my brand spanking new U2 Vertigo DVD, Kaffeine kept complaining and VLC would just turn of.. After hours of seaching and relaxing with my guitar on my new bean bag :P... i figured it out and double checked it this time...

The latest version of libdvdcss source can be downloaded from

Right now the latest is: libdvdcss-1.2.9.tar.gz

Save. Extract. su to root. run..
make install

Power up VLC and enjoy!!
Kaffeine had a bright green screen and wont play dvds though.. but thats for another day...

Hello Hello... Can I please go Vertigo?!!!!!