Pimp My (urrm.. Achal's) XBox !!

Oh yeah!!! This hack totally rocks!!!! And Achals XBox Rulez!!! So yesterday, I was feeling bad for pallavi and her terminally ill laptop so I thought maybe she could use the XBox to surf the net or something.. I was under the impression that the XBox allowed you to do that. It's inhuman to unhook someone from the internet.. I googled around and found that its possible to install Linux on an XBox only if you 'mod' it.. A lil more googling (and ignoring the fact that I had a psychology test the next day) I found that it was possible to use a software modification that was reversable and no soldering required!!!! After tons of googling and ensuring that I wouldnt have a paperweight I found tons of interesting stuff! Some interesting (geeky) things to note abt the XBox.. - Its a small, light, cheap and slow "computer". Its got a regular HDD and DVD drive. - The HDD is locked and password protected. - It uses a propriety file system called FATX. - The ports on the front for the controllers are actually USB ports that are just shaped different. Click here for some neat screenshots of XBMC Right now the XBox is pimped up and has the XBox Media Center on it. What that means is that now the xbox can : - play any music file, video file (divx etc) and view pictures (slideshows et al) - can access shares from the linux and windows machines on my network! - can play media (aucio, video and image) files from the network! (As i type this Pallavi is watching, on the xbox, 'mohabattein', which shared from her computer! No lags.. plays smooth!) - has its own FTP!! and Web server!!! (i can control the media center from the web server) - looks totally KEWL! check out the screenshots! some neat screenshots of XBMC with additional scripts ** and the XBox is still an XBox.. its still plays Xbox games! Wooo Hoo!! Its like XP Media Center only waaaay cooler (and cheaper). No more 15" Screens.. No more copying movies off the network.. No more moving laptops out for a party... This ROX!! Links to SoftModing your XBOX: Please read as much as you can about softmods. I spent hours reading before I tried a softmod. There are different ways to softmod depending on the kernel version of your XBox and the risks you are willing to take. Beware of outdated tutorials. These worked for me... This will basically mod the xbox and allow ftp access: How to Softmod Your Xbox Using XboxHDM (Ndure) The Art Of Hotswapping, FAQ & Some Other Lessons. Heres how to install XBMC: How to Go from Xbox to Xbox Media Center in 30 minutes I followed the latter half of the instructions coz the box was already moded But thats not all.. Were going for ultimate geek xbox.. We have to install Linux!! Pallavi wants a second computer to hook up her USB Drive to so she can keep herself busy while her Laptop takes its regular coma naps.. (And im a geekoziod that has to try it all) The joy of computing from your couch... Ive got my eyes on GentooX.. Its downloading right now.. Ill letcha know what happens as it does... P.S. Achal: The XBox rox now! Can't wait for you to see it! -- More to Follow --