How To Replace An iPod Mini's Battery

So rT's iPod Mini's battery died. It's been only a year. Apple has faced class action lawsuits about its krappy batteries in iPods. Anyways, here's what the Apple Battery Replacement Program costs and does..
How much does it cost to participate in the program? The program costs $59, plus $6.95 shipping. The total program cost is $65.95 per unit. All fees are in US dollars and are subject to local tax. Replacement iPods may be new, used or refurbished. Service may not be available if your iPod has been damaged due to accident or abuse. Please review Apple’s Repair Terms and Conditions for further details.
SHIT! 66 USD!! No ways!! So.... Here's what I decided to do... Do it myself!! 1. Order a battery. I bought this replacement battery, which came with the tools and instructions, from eBay for around $15 CAD with tax. Remember to check if the battery is compatiable with your iPod. This iPod is an iPod Mini. 2. Use the flat screwdriver provided to ease open the top and bottom plastic covers. They will be attached with a small amount of glue. Pry the covers carefully. Chances of small dents while prying are highly possible.. Better that than sending it to Apple for $59 + shipping. :) 3. Use the philips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws at the top. 4. Beneath the bottom case cover there is a small metal clip. This is a lil tricky to pop free. Pry each side of the clip loose and it should come free from the iPod. 5. Before you slide out the motherboard, disconnect the connector at the bottom of the iPod. Gently, using the flat screwdriver, pop the connector out of its socket. 6. Slide.... Out comes the motherboard... Now gently lift the battery and disconnect the battery's power connector.. Replace it by plugging in the new battery.. 7. Reassemble the iPod. Put back the metal clip, put back the 2 screws. The case covers will stick back with the original glue. Your new battery is now ready for charging! Voila!! Battery Replaced!! Cost: $15 CAD Shipping Time: 1 Week Repair Time: 30 mins Grrrrroooowl!!! For the geeks: - Notice the flash card. If you want to, you can replace the card with a card of bigger capacity. Google the procedure, you'll need to reinstall the OS et al. - Note the tacky sticky tape.. Damn! didnt expect such shoddy work from Apple.. While Varun insists that I should have sent it to Apple coz they're experts, I decided that I'd rather repair it for tons less and have fun while at it!! And it works fine.... Whadday say to that!?


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