Mixing 2 Screens, 2 OSs, Synergy and a KVM

Finally got Synergy to work..
My setup, as I mentioned some posts ago, is a lil complicated...

I have 2 Monitors for Ubuntu. One of them is shared with Windows through a KVM.

{KVM} <-- [Keyboard + Mouse]
[LCD Monitor] [CRT Monitor]
| __________|
| | |
(Screen1) (Screen2) |
| | |
---------- |
| |
(Ubuntu) (Windows)

Solution was:
On Ubuntu, Setup the LCD Screen as the primary screen and the CRT as the secondary screen.. In xorg.conf, under the Section "ServerLayout"

Screen "LCDScreen"
Screen "CRTScreen" RightOf "LCDScreen"

On Windows, I setup the Synergy Server using the Synergy GUI. (Synergy Manual.) Windows was to the left of Ubuntu and Ubuntu was to the right of Windows.

Ran the server and client (ubuntu: synergyc

The KVM is still connected. When I switch the KVM to the Windows machine I move the mouse off the right of the screen and get into the LCD on Ubuntu and get back to Windows by moving the mouse off the left of the LCD Ubuntu screen.

The neat part is when I switch the KVM to the Ubuntu machine the keyboard and mouse works normally coz the Synergy server cant detect the kybrd/mouse on the Windows machine since the KVM switched it..

So all is good in geek land! :)
Besides having to study for Abstract Algebra! *headache* *ouch*