eth0: No Such Device

Todays been a shitty day... 2 days ago I unplugged my 2nd monitor from my ubuntu machine to hook up to the windows machine so pallavi could use it since her laptop's dead.. And what do I get after doing a good deed?? my internal pci port on the mobo shot while trying to re-hook up the monitor back!! Freakin Hell!!! its a brand new mobo!!

So, no more dual screens... and to top that, when I shut down the machine to troubleshoot I didnt realise that I had accepted a kernel update and so when I rebooted.. no internet!! Now that's a kick in the nuts (if i had nut's, im sure thats what it would feel like!)

After and hour of frusterated googling on the windows machine, i finally figured it out... phew! i thought i'd have to reinstall.. hate that!

Ubuntu detected the card (sudo lspci | grep -i ethernet) but sudo ifconfig was just showing 'lo' and no 'eth0'.

When I tried a sudo ifconfig eth0 up i would get an error.
SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device

Solution: Simple..
sudo network-admin OR Click on System-->Administration-->Networking
You will get a window with networking setup options on it..
Click 'Ethernet Connection'
Click 'Properties'
Enable the connection. Save.
Activate the connection!

Phew..... Moral of the Story: Beware the kenel updates! (and Beware the good deeds)

Need to track down Mach Speed Motherboards for warranty.. grrrr...