Pimp Your XBOX... (once more)

Here we go again. After the successful pimping of Achal's XBOX last summer, I got an opportunity to pimp yet another XBOX... Randa's XBOX... This time around I decide to write down what I did so that when I eventually get my own XBOX I know what I did and dont waste time with research.. Preparations: 1. Buy a used xBox.. EB Games sells it for 99.99 CAD.. 2. Check the Kernel and Dash version number and note it down Start up the xbox and go to Settings and then System Info. After the scrolling text you'll see something like: K:1.00.XXXX.01 D:1.00.YYYY.01 XXXX is the Xbox kernel version and YYYY is the Xbox dashboard version. It is recommended to update your dashboard to MS Dash version 5960. For details check links at the bottom. In my case they were: K: 5838 D: 5960 3. Download Ndure from Xbins from [ftp://distribution.xbins.org/XBOX/exploits/_Packages/Kingroachs Installer/] The server needs a password to access. * Follow the instructions here [http://www.xbox-scene.com/articles/xbins.php] * Or instead of installing mIRC heres a quicker way, - Go to [http://www.efnet.org/] and use the weblogin to login to #xbins. - Type in the bottom /msg xbins !list - Note down the username and password for the ftp site. 4. Download XBHDM v1.9 from here [http://dwl.xbox-scene.com/~xbox/xbox-scene/software/linux/xboxhdm_v1.9.zip] 5. You'll need an .iso burning software like Nero or download ISO Recorder from here: [http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/download/ISORecorderV2RC1.msi] 6. Extract XBHDM. Open up isolinux.cfg under xboxhdm/linux/isolinux with notepad and change timeout 300 to timeout 600. This will increase the timeout of XBHDM prompt allowing you 10 minutes to complete the hotswap and enter a choice. 7. Extract ndure-3.0.rar and run Ndure-3.0.exe. Here you can customise your install options. Check out the links at the bottom for more details on these options. Here is what I chose. x indicates a check mark. The missing options were not checked.
x Basic Files x Retail Files x Add ShadowC + Kernel Specific Fonts x 5838 (choose YOUR kernel number here) x Default boot xonlinedash console x Add NDURE Toolset x Create XBOXHDM Install
Hit Next and it'll ask you where to save the files. Choose /xboxhdm/linux/ (under the directory where you extracted xboxhdm_x1.9.zip) Browse to where you extracted Xboxhdm. Under the linux folder and double-check that there is now be a folder inside called ndure. Download the update ndure script from here: [http://mysite.verizon.net/vze6qvmn/mn/ndure] and save it under /xboxhdm/linux/ndure/ folder. This will replace the old ndure script. Make sure you named it just ndure (no extension) and not ndure.htm. 8. Now, go to the main xboxhdm folder and run make-iso-win. On completion you'll have a linux.iso in the main xboxhdm directory. Use a CD burning software to burn the linux.iso onto a CD. The Hot-Swap: 9. Now for the hot-swap part. There are many options for hotswapping. The one I chose was the blind hotswap (no-tv-hooked). Check the links at the bottom for other options.
The basic Idea: The XBOX HDD is locked and password protected so we cant access it like we would a normal HDD. Starting the MS Dash will unlock the XBOX. We need to pull out the XBOX IDE cable from the XBOX HDD after its unlocked and connect the PC IDE cable to the now unlocked XBOX HDD.
10. XBOX Prep: - Open the X-Box. Remove the 6 Torx screws on the bottom. - Unplug the XBOX DVDROM IDE cable. Leave the Yellow/White power cable hooked to the DVDROM - Leave the XBOX IDE loosely hooked to the XBOX HD so you can quickly remove it during the swap - Ensure that the Video Molex connector is connected to the xbox (it doesnt need to be hooked to the TV, just the xbox.) 11. PC Prep: - Start up the PC and boot up with the linux.iso CD that we burned. We should be at the XBOXHDM main menu screen which will wait 10 minutes for us. 12. Lets Hot-Swap! - Since we are doing a hotswap in BLIND mode (No tv hooked) we can't see the Error 12 that'll come up on the screen (indicating that its a good time to unplug the IDE cable). What we need to do is disconnect the Xbox HD IDE at the exact moment that the LED goes to RED Flashing. (By EXACT, I mean pull the cable out exactly when the LED changes, watch it a few times before doing it, count!) - Now plug in the PC IDE cable to the XBOX HDD. 13. At the xboxhdm Main Menu choose Option 1 to enter the VGA console. Then type xbrowser. When the browser comes up choose *ndure and hit enter to run it. 14. At the ndure main menu choose Option 4 to backup your C drive to E:/backup. It'll take a while, be patient. 15. Once thats done choose Option 1 at the ndure main menu to install ndure. 16. Once thats done shut off the PC and XBOX. Hook up the XBOX to the TV and you should be presented with the UnleashedX Dashboard! We've successfully soft-modded the XBOX!!!!!! Setting Up the XBOX Media Center 17. Download XBMC. You'll have to look for a torrent since they dont come precompiled due to legal issues. You'll only find the source code on the official website. Check out ISOHunt.com for torrents. 18. Hook up the XBOX to your network and startup the XBOX. - In the UnleashedX dash check that the ftp server is running by going to Settings > Network. - By default the username and password are both xbox. - Note down the IP address of the XBOX. - From your PC startup your FTP Client (there are tons of freeware FTP Clients if you dont have one.) and ftp into your XBOX. 19. Navigate to the E:/apps/dash folder. Copy the extracted XBMC files into this directory.
Note: The default.xbe is your dashboard file. The XBMC dash (default.xbe) in your extracted files will overwrite the existing dash. Make sure you copy the files correctly coz if you dont the XBOX might not start right without a proper dash!
20. Reboot the XBOX and voila... A Softmodded XBOX with XBOX Media Center!!!! All done FOR FREE!!!! Additional XBMC Setup Information: To start streaming your media from your PC or home network it is as simple as creating network shares of your media folders on your PC. You should be able to navigate to the computers on your network using the SMB network options from within XBMC. Also, you can create shortcuts to you media folders in XBMC so you don't have to navigate through so many folders to get at all of your media. Additional Links For advanced options or details etc etc etc... Check out the links below: SoftModding and Hotswap Links How to Softmod Your Xbox Using XboxHDM (Ndure) The Art Of Hotswapping, FAQ & Some Other Lessons. Heres how to install XBMC: How to Go from Xbox to Xbox Media Center in 30 minutes Instructions with Pix: How to softmod your xbox...for FREE


Anonymous said...

Why Not Just Use A game Exploit.Google it XBOX game soft mode game exploit.

The Lost Mathematician said...


thanks for the detailed instructions.

i tried your technique this evening on an old xbox & it doesn't work for me. the xbox boots up & just displays the green X at startup, it doesn't go into unleashx.

i did notice the linux.iso is just 48MB though while the ndure installer displayed about 400MB of disk space required.

any thoughts?