Blackberry OTA with LightTPD or Apache

This works for files compiled with eclipse. I'm sure it can be easily adapted, if necessary.
  1. Ensure you files are signed if needed.
  2. If your cod file is unzippable, unzip it (Winzip works). If not use the single cod.
  3. Create an 'OTA' folder in you web server.
  4. Copy the multiple or single cod file to the folder.
  5. Copy the jad file to the folder.
  6. Create a .htaccess file in the folder with the following contents
  7. AddType text/ jad AddType application/java-archive jar AddType application/vnd.rim.cod cod
  8. Restart your apache or lighttpd web server
  9. Use your BlackBerry to navigate to the url: http://[server]/OTA/[filename].jad

That's it!