Signal Strength of Wireless Clients

Scanning RSSI for access points is easy and there are a million apps for that!. Scanning the signal strength of the clients stumped me for a while till someone pointed me to a linux tool called iw.

On your router try: iw dev wlan0 station dump (wlan0 is your interface name)

Sample output:

Station 00:c0:02:3d:bd:9f (on wlan0)
        inactive time:  50 ms
        rx bytes:       117633826
        rx packets:     94924
        tx bytes:       4450552
        tx packets:     61371
        tx retries:     2050
        tx failed:      7
        signal:         -34 [-36, -40] dBm
        signal avg:     -33 [-35, -39] dBm
        tx bitrate:     54.0 MBit/s
        rx bitrate:     36.0 MBit/s