TomatoUSB: Access Windows Share

Asus RT N16 [1]
So far it's great. I've setup TomatoUSB and Transmission. Now my little dilemma is that I am using a 4Gb usb stick and I need a larger storage for the downloads. My main PC has Windows and I don't want to use samba to share.

The simple solution is to use Administration > CIFS Client.

Ensure your UNC name is pointed to the share and not its sub-directory.
Enter the username and password for the share and save it.
If you have trouble mounting the share, enable debugging and manually try to mount the share:
modprobe cifs
echo 7 > /proc/fs/cifs/cifsFYI
mount -t cifs \\\\\\d\\Downloads /cifs1 -o user=myusername,pass=secret


Andrew Widgery said...

What settings do you put in for the CIF client? I just can't get it to work - always says "mounting..."