Transmission for TomatoUSB

These instructions are assuming you first followed

Install Transmission:
ipkg -verbose_wget install transmission

Start Transmission. Specify location for config file.
/transmission-daemon -g /mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon

This will create all the default configs that Transmission needs.

Check that it is running:

Terminate Transmission
killall transmission-daemon

Create settings file with contents from online sample
wget -O /mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

Start Transmission with these new settings
/transmission-daemon -g /mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon

Add the following to USB Support page > 'Run after mounting' to start transmission after usb mount.
if [ -d /mnt/Optware ]; then
 mount -o bind /mnt/Optware /opt
 transmission-daemon -g /opt/share/transmission/config