How to fold a Shirt..

Im might be a little late on the link but boy!.. its worth the watch!! Its a Jap video on how to fold a shirt real neatly... looks like magic.. gotta check this out!!
...It's true; I'm a lousy folder. (My method: Grasp shirt by the shoulders and dangle it in midair. Maneuver sleeves back "organically." Crease bundle in half.) I get particularly flustered when the garment has to fit a gift box of predetermined size. But I recently discovered a riveting how-to-fold-a-shirt video from Japan that's been blogging about for months. Using a simple method, anyone can pinch and flip a tee into a perfect rectangle in less than three seconds
Taken From Ready Made Mag Watch the shirt-folding video at:


Zartoshti said...

Guess what I have to do tomorrow morning? Laundry! And guess why I'm so thankfull to you right now?......... Yes, That's Right!

God Bless the Japanese! I suppose there is some good in Oragami after all.

Joel J. C. said...

Thanks a ton gwyneth! Im gonna try this out.
That woman is quite dexterous.