Samba et Apache: Figuring it out

After some research last night i figured out that the DNS on samba isnt working. neeed to enable WINs or point samba to a WINS server. something like that.. still need to read up abt that..

I managed to setup the Apache WebServer. Got my website up.

I forgot to put details of how i got Apache running. Quite simple actually.
Enable the Apache Server from Yast Network Services> Http Server.
The Web Server is located on /srv/www/htdocs. Store all the files here. Name the main page 'index.html' and its done.
The config file is stored in /etc/apache2 httpd.config if you want to muck with advanced settings.

Strange thing is that within the network i can access the website only with the internal IP but not with the hostname or WAN IP (69.*.*.*). Called D-Link and they say thats how the router is.. Hard to believe but i checked online and a number of ppl have had this problem on some routers.. some router work fine. The solution, which really sux, is to edit the LMHOSTS file on the machines and add
to it.. i hate these band-aid solutions. machines should automatically figure these things out.. bah!

right now the web-server is barely doing what the website indicates. still need to setup an FTP server et al. Linux with it permissions and maha security confuses me..

Linux certianly isn't reccomended for novice users.. theres tons of configuration to be done!