The only thing that I miss from windows is the ability to share files and folders across the house. Ive still not figured it out..

What I Did:
` Installed Samba from YaST
` Setup Samba Client and Server with Shares
` Install LISa from YaST

Lisa is a graphical interface for Samba but LISa doesnt work for me.. still have to get that going.

With after logging in as root into the console, I can read network shares by IP Address but not with the NetBIOS name.

smbclient -L Stripperella -U Arati

Gives me errors that it cant find Stripperella but

smbclient -L -U Arati

shows me the shares on Stripperella and some wierd error. Using

smbmount -o username=Arati, password= // /network/Stripperella/Kwap

I can map the 'Kwap' folder on Stripperella to the '/network/Stripperella/Kwap' folder on the linux box. Wierd!

The Sorceress cant be seen on any windows machine.. I can ping it et al but i can't see it. Need to work on this some more..

There such little documentation on samba.. The samba site is confusing.. took a lot of searching and struggling to figure these small bits out. Lots of help is available for older windows versions. Havent found much help for working with Win XP/2l

Quick HOWTO: Sharing Rescources with Samba
Experts Excahange Query

Oh! Update.. The Samba site does have info here.. going thru it now..