Installing Firefox with that damned libpopt!

Somehow I dont like Konqurer too much. Guess I'm too used to Firefox and its IE similar features. While installing Firefox though I had tons of trouble coz it kept popping up an error while installing the RPM that a dependancy was required. I searched high and low for the popt library. Strangly it was already installed when i checked YaST. I downloaded a few RPMs for libpopt but it still kept saying that the dependancy wasn't found. So I installed FireFox from the Mozilla website.. but it didnt seem to work quite right. finally after googling around I came upon a solution that kinda worked.

- Uninstalled/deleted all versions of FireFox or Mozilla.
- Restarted the system.
- Installed popt Version: 1.7-176.3
- Installed MozillaFirefox Version: 1.0.2-0.1

Somehow this worked.. dunno what did it..
But Firefox v0.08 got installed !??! dont ask how.. but its working. Theres some security warning abt it so I'd better figure out how to upgrade it soon.. but at least I can update my blog from Linux now.. Konqueror wouldnt let me do that!