Karol Jozef Wojtyla

Well.. I respect him and his decisions.. I feel the loss.. thats about that... After reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons I'm looking forward to see how the Vatican will go thru the rituals it has to perform. Interesting Stuff! Read on CNNs website abt the Rituals to Come and a day by day Rituals Timeline Some snippets.. ....the camerlengo, the most important Vatican official until a new pope is elected. Spanish Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, 78, has been the camerlengo since 1993. ... An official nine-day mourning period, known as the "novemdiales," follows the death of a pope. The tradition dates back to ancient Rome and a ceremony held nine days after death. ... The Cardinals, the so-called "princes" of the church, gather to elect the new pope in the Sistine Chapel, whose frescoes include the famous ceiling by Michelangelo. The conclave, derived from the Latin words meaning "with a key," must begin no sooner than 15 days after the death of the pope and not more than 20. In the past, the Cardinals resided in makeshift sleeping quarters. For the next conclave, however, they will stay at St. Marthas House, a hotel-style guest facility within Vatican City..