J2ME Experiment :: Matka!!

Finally after almost 6 months of being on the back burner, Matka is complete.. Raaarrr! The prototype was designed to demonstrate communication between a cellphone and webserver. Matka is a J2ME application that runs on any MIDP cellphone. The application is a simulator of the Matka game where you can place a bet on any number from 0-9. The prototype basically demonstrates communication with a server running ASP and transmitting data via XML. The client application is coded with the Java Wireless Toolkit. Thrid-party XML parsers (KXML and KXML2) have both been used to demo their usage. Heres a link to the app.. [ Matka Suite ] There is a detailed Readme on how to install Matka on a device and how to setup a development system and the server. Although there are still issues the basic prototype is ready and working. Various phones have slightly different ways of handling the incoming data. There are a couple of workarounds to be implemented. But all in all its ready to send off to the engineers at GKPL..


Ipshi said...

this hasnt got anything to do with ur post cos i dont know anything about computers.. but i came across ur comment on vidyut's blog.. and i had to write to u... remember me? the slightly (ok very) nuerotic kid who was friends with u and deepa?

Ipshi said...

hey lady.. hows life treating u?? im in good ol' Bombay working as a creative content writer. Lets keep in touch? mail me at ipshis@gmail.com.. also r u in touch with deepa and kejal?? i cant get on orkut but wud really like to get in touch wit u guys... ta for now