Sabayon Linux

Yeah long time no update on the Linux front. My motherboard is still fried. The Video and Sound port aren't working so for now I play my music over the network from the windows machine. 95% of my work is done on windows now.. Just waiting for another month or so and then i plan to get a new mobo and buy 2 300GB HDD and set them up as RAID disks on the linux machines.. No more DVD backups then!! Raarrr!!

Randa recently send me a link to this new Linux Distro called Sabayon and boy is it yum yum yum!!! Im just dying to try out Sabayon.. Am dying to upgrade the HW so that I can try it out...

Till I do, heres some links for more on Sabayon:

Sabayon on Wikipedia

Sabayon Review